National Agency for Social and Youth Development.

The National Agency for Social and Youth Development is a non-profit association based in Assomada, developing activities on several islands, promoting the integrated development of young people, emphasizing the preparation of business plans, acquiring micro credits, obtaining Among other actions that support all Cape Verdean immigrants and their descendants in order to improve their living conditions, stimulate cooperation and associativism as a form of employment generation, income, emancipation and fight against poverty, defending and promoting Rights and interests of Cape Verdeans and their young people in all respects to their valorization, in order to allow their full integration and insertion, proposing actions necessary for the prevention or cessation of acts or omissions of public or private entities that constitute abuse of any Human rights and supporting Cape Verdean organizations to establish exchanges with foreign counterparts or to promote common information or training actions..


Policy framework

A national policy on immigration is in the process of being drawn up. An interministerial commission was created whose mandate is to elaborate the bases of this policy. With regard to emigration, the last major step has to do with the creation of the Ministry of Emigrant Communities (ECM), thus raising the institutional level of approach to the phenomenon. There is also a set of measures covering a number of areas, such as encouraging investment, supporting integration into target contexts, strengthening the linkage of descendants to Cape Verde, consular protection, and so on. However, a mechanism for coordination between the various initiatives and institutions dealing with migration issues is lacking. This increases the risk of inconsistency in the implementation of measures and the waste of resources. There is no institution responsible for immigration, in addition to the securitory aspect represented by DEF. Some state institutions have been in charge of issues related to immigrants, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE), the Instituto Verdiano da Criança (ICCA) and the National Commission for Human Rights and Citizenship (CNDHC)..

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