Resume of each activities

This activities of project aims to be coordinated among all the project partners and to take place simultaneously in the different countries of the partners. With this activity we aim to let a bigger audience to follow the project and to be able to become also active in it. Since the website it will be presented already as an interactive tool that will allow their participation in different formats. The use of Social Networks will be also a focus that we will highlight during the project since it can be seem as a new forms of participation where youth is very engaged. The project itself will invest in using such tools to make especially non-organized young migrants closer to the project (migrant youth not involved in NGOs activities).

1 - Preparatory Meeting

Partners coordination meeting that will allow partners project coordinator to meet and close the final project work plan, monitoring and evaluation, review dissemination plan and share the results of the preliminary research conducted. The main representative of each partner organizations came from European and African countries come together to define the task and responsibility of all the project activities. Then youth leaders (one from each organization) met in Stockholm to prepare the launch of project.

2 - International Seminar

Building from within: Improving integration and migration policies together with young migrants”. This activity will happen in Stockholm during 5 working days seminar where the programme will be develop to reach the following objectives

  • Discuss on the role and importance of increasing the capacity of NGOs working with young migrants..
  • Share practices to increase the political influence of young migrants..
  • Showcase best practices that contributed to improve local and regional integration policies and the competences.
  • Explore strategies that contributed to increase the level of the business sector involvement..
  • Exchange initiatives that highlight the importance of involving local communities..
  • Create a space for reflection, dialogue and setting of action among youth organizations and other relevant institutions..

The programme will be structured with a combination of inputs and plenary discussions and dynamics using non-formal education methods that will ensure the active participation of 20 young people with migrant background.

  • Project Name:- CONNECT -
  • Dated:November 2016 - February 2018 – EU & Africa1
  • Category:Erasmus Plus Programme – Capacity Building in the field of Youth Multilateral project

3 - Training Course for youth workers and youth leaders

“Together enhancing the participation of young migrants”

The training course will be achieve in Cape Verde during 6 days, where 20 participants with the support of a team of 2 experienced trainers in non formal education, advocacy and youth participation will experience an intense learning process that will enable them to develop the competences to efficiently plan, implement and evaluate multiplication initiatives aimed at:

  • involving young migrants in policy development at local and regional level.
  • developing cross sectorial projects.
  • design initiatives to campaign and raise awareness of human tracking and how to combat it. It will be composed by a mixed group of migrant youth leaders and youth workers from the partners organisations.

The team of trainers will design the training course based on non-formal education methodology using experiential learning methods and the previous experience of participants to enlarge the group learning process. A diversity of methods will be used to particularly address the different learning styles within the group, using from group work, role plays, plenary discussion and practical and theoretical contributions to increase our group competences. The training course will allow youth workers to develop their competence to successfully work with young migrants. TC will allow to create of 9 Local Action Plans for Migrant Youth and design 10 local multipliers peer activities for youth migrants. It will also increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes on the fields of advocacy, migrant youth community engagement, policy (youth, migration and integration) and on project development.

4 - Local Activities

It will be done 9 local activities in 9 partner countries from Africa and Europe (Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe) where will be involved. We estimate that 540 young people will be involved in these local activities, taking in consideration that 60 young people with migrant background will be participating in each country. These local activities will creating local action plans for migrant youth, implementation of multipliers initiatives and local training courses .

5 - Jobshadowing

Youth workers from the partner organizations will have the possibility to a jobshadowing during 10 days with our partner organization. Learning about the educational activities and local youth initiatives for the integration of young migrants. This mobility will create the opportunity of one young people from each partner organization to learn and share experiences during 10 days in another country. The partners from African organizations will send their representatives to the partner organization in Europe and the european partners will send their participants to African countries.

6 - International Conference

An conference will be organized in Portugal in order to share our project outcomes but also to increase the political and institutional impact. During the 3 days Conference where 30 participants coming from our partner countries will be the project participants, local and regional authorities with responsibilities on integration policies and researchers, we will be able to contribute to raise the awareness of the importance of addressing such challenges in a comprehensive, cross sectorial approach that need to have in consideration not only the European and national policy framework but also the need to create local and regional tailored made policy answers involving directly young migrants in such process. The international conference will be a high level visibility event to allow the production of recommendations and conclusions shared among main relevant stakeholders active on the field and to disseminate outcomes and project products..

7 - Evaluation meeting

Evaluation will be transversal to all project activities. However, we consider so relevant to access the project overall results and to visualize where we will need to improve. That we will organize a two days evaluation meeting for the project partners. Where we aim to: Analize the outcomes of the overall project supported by the internal and external evaluation elements and reflect on future follow up projects to be developed in the field of enhancing youth participation of young migrants, improving integration and migration policy and the development of youth cross sectorial and youth led initiatives targeting elimination of human trafficking, particularly the one addressing youth and children. This evaluation moment will involve 10 members or steering committee, the main responsible of each partner organization and experts to analyze the impact and results of project. This final evaluation meeting will allow a comprehensive analyses of project activities and products outcomes, reinforce and in case necessary adjust dissemination strategy, do external evaluation report and identification of follow up projects. ..