Empowerment for the political and civic participation of young migrants

Today we face in Europe and in the world a demanding challenge – migration, is putting in our society a huge pressure. We believe nevertheless, that migration and in particular young migrants can be an added value for the development of our countries and communities. For these reason 9 organizations active on the field of youth work from Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome e Principe have decided to develop a long term cooperation project. .

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Aims and Objectives

Our project aims to contribute to for the capacity building of youth workers from civil society organizations, particularly the ones working with young migrants and public authorities at local and regional level to be able to increase the success of their integration policies on young migrants. At the same time that focus also on the capacity building of youth leaders from migrant communities and young refugees groups. .

In order to reach our project aims we have defined the following specific objectives.

A) To increase the capacity of NGOs working with young migrants to influence policy at local and regional level.

B) To empower local organizations staff to better involve young migrants in the decision making process of their programmes and activities.

C) To increase the political influence of young migrants in their communities and regions.

D) To improve local and regional integration policies and the competences of local stakeholders to work together (multi stakeholders and cross sectorial initiatives) and with migrants in developing new programmes.

E) To develop instruments that can support NGOs that need to start working with young migrants (proving support to new inflow of migrants).

F) To support the integration and the development of a sense of belonging of young migrants in their host communities.

G) To increase the level of the business sector involvement in migrant youth integration.

H) To raise the level of awareness within the communities in Europe about the impact of human traffic, particularly addressing youth.

Parters Countries

African Empowerment Centre - AEC.

Associação, Provedores de Respostas Sociais para o.

Aar Social Development Association ry.

Asociación Novisi Elkartea.

MARAPA Mar, Ambiente e Pesca Artesanal Sao Tome and Principe STP .


Associação Cultural Bassopa

Agência Nacional de Desenvolvimento Social e Juvenil

Our Plans

The priorities this projects addresses:
  • Promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work..
  • Supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources in diverse European languages..
  • Facilitating the validation of non-formal and informal learning and its permeability with formal education pathways..
  • Stimulating active participation of young people in democratic life and
  • Promoting young people's social inclusion and well-being..
The individual outcomes that will result from this project:
  • - Training method(s) for youth workers and trainers..
  • - Non-formal learning methods.
  • - New forms of youth work, training and support.
  • - - Cooperation, networking (including network creation), and peer-learning activities. - Outreach activities
The individual outcomes that will result from this project:
  • Conference.
  • Large-scale events and cooperation activities.
  • Brochures, - Report...
  • Capacity building course.
  • Job-shadowing.
  • Studies.

Our Targets

During the 21 month of the project duration We believe that our project can definitely contribute for a different vision and approach into migration policy particularly addressing young migrants, where they are not viewed as a challenge but instead as a source of power, talents, and new energy for the receiving society..

  • Building from within: Improving integration and migration policies together with young migrants.
  • Together enhancing the participation of young migrants. .
  • Will develop open education resources such as a manual/tool-kit on engagement of young migrants and will have an international conference.
  • local youth initiatives and development of the action plans for integration of young migrants.